The Australian Parliamentary Group on Population and Development is supported by a secretariat, hosted by Family Planning NSW. In partnership with UNFPA we seek to ensure Australian parliamentarians are informed and engaged on issues for gender equality, sexual health and reproductive rights, the ongoing delivery of the ICPD, and progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Membership of the APGPD is open to current Federal, State and Territory parliamentarians. 

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There are so many advocates and NGOs and people who care about all these areas, but I want to particularly mention the Parliamentary Group on Population and Development, which I've mentioned many times in speeches in this place.
That group—I can see people who've been on the group nodding—encapsulates the issues of international development, the Pacific, women, disabilities and our whole focus as parliamentarians working on developing policy in this area. I really encourage parliamentarians in the next parliament to work on this cross-party committee, which is so important to our area.


Senator Claire Moore - 3 April 2019