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AWAG visits Parliament House

The Ambassador for Women and Girls advocates internationally for women's equal participation in political, economic and social affairs. The Ambassador advances global development, peace and stability by promoting gender equality and women's leadership and decision-making at all levels.

Sussan Ley MP, Ambassador Dr Sharman Stone, Ann Sudmalis MP, Nola Marino MP, Senator Lisa Singh
Ambassador Dr Sharman Stone with APGPD members

Sharman Stone was Chair of the APGPD from 2013 to 2016 (after briefly serving in the role in 2006). In a home-coming of sorts, Dr Stone returned to brief the APGPD on her new role as Ambassador for Women and Girls, a post she commenced in February 2017.

Dr Stone discussed the challenging issues of modern slavery, female genital mutilation, women's political representation - and the work Australia is and can do on these issues. Following the recent elections in PNG where no women were returned, discussion looked at quotas or reserved seats and the need for Australia to demonstrate leadership along with support for Pacific countries.  

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