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SDGs - a road map for Australia?

The Sustainable Development Goals, adopted at the United Nations in 2015, provide a road-map for realising human rights and transforming our world. The 17 goals, and 169 targets are bold, and vital if we are to end poverty, and achieve sustainable development across the economy, society and the environment.

In September the APGPD hosted a forum with Sally Moyle (CEO of CARE Australia), Helen Dalley-Fisher (Equality Rights Alliance) and representatives of Prime Minister and Cabinet. It is clear there is growing interest in ensuring the SDGs are used to illuminate, not baffle, Australia's work across the 2030 Development Agenda. With a desire to lead on the SDGs, there is also a need to increase engagement with civil society and across all levels of government. A core question arising in the forum was how areas where we are 'falling short' in meeting the SDGs would be identified and addresses. 

In December the Senate Foreign Affairs and Defence and Trade Committee commenced an inquiry into the understanding and awareness of the SDG across the Australian Government and in the wider Australian community and other matters.

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